Exergy EthorCEL® and PURAQ™ products are based on Exergy patented Advanced electrodeionization (AEDI ) technology. AEDI is a plate and frame membrane assembly (as shown in the photo) , which is commonly referred to as Stack. When the stack is charged with low voltage electricity, it continuously removes ionizable components of water, to very low levels, allowing the systems to produce deionized water from process water, for reuse – in the case of EthorCEL® ; or produce deionized fresh water using the PURAQ™ Platform.

Exergy AEDI continuous processing, replaces today’s Ion exchange (IX) resins in bottles with one step processing. It allows for on-demand production of deionized water (both fresh and recycled) in processing applications, without the demands for regeneration or processing AEDI does not require regeneration using chemicals or needs to be shipped offsite for regeneration.

Exergy innovative technologies use a variety of membrane and electrochemical principals to solve broad manufacturing problems in various industries:

  • Electronics

  • Solar 

  • Disk Drives

  • Metals

  • Aerospace


Product Integration Concept


EthorCEL® is based on Advanced Electrodeionization (AEDI) technology which remove ionizable constituents from water using ion exchange membranes, ion exchange resins, and a DC electrical potential. AEDI provides two technologies in one module: electrodialysis and ion exchange. Ion exchange membranes separate an ion exchange mixed bed from electrodes. The ion exchange resins remove ionic matter from process water, the electrodes provide electro-regeneration of the resin when energized by a DC rectifier.


The EthorCEL® is designed and built to ensure the purification of low TDS process water to ultra pure specifications normally required by high tech applications. A TDS reduction to more than 99% can be accomplished with a standard EthorCEL®.  The energy requirement for the different EthorCEL® modules is 0.8 to 1.6 kWh/1,000 gallons of high-purity water. 


This depends on various process parameters such as process water quality, desired product  quality of the recovered water, and temperature. The applied DC voltage is ranged depending on the quality of the process water being recovered.  The quality of the water produced by EthorCEL® depends on the process water quality. The specific resistivity of the purified water from process water with hundreds of ppm in total dissolved solids (TDS) to low  MΩ -cm incoming water quality, producing low ppm TDS to 18  MΩ -cm product quality. EthorCEL®  is able to meet strict water quality standards for high purity operations .


Exergy advanced technologies help industrial and manufacturing customers achieve low and zero-impact manufacturing operations. Exergy's advanced membrane-based systems, include EthorCEL® and PUROxys™. The Company also provides conventional membrane technologies such as advanced (low) pressure ultrafiltration (UF) to complete its designs. 


Exergy installs its recycling technologies in a given application/process where the recycling and reuse are to take place at the source.



Exergy integrates its products both in a point of use and central pollution strategy for its customers. This method allows them to combine recycling solutions along with process applications.



Exergy develops a customer-centric solution to meet the customer-specified settings or factory requirements. This solution may involve a combination of previous strategies, involving point-of-use or plant-wide solutions.