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Advanced Reuse and Recycling Technologies for Circular Manufacturing

Exergy delivers products to make the vision of circular manufacturing a reality

Today’s manufacturing industries use large volume of raw materials, such as water and minerals to make products that run the world today. From semiconductor chips, to solar panels and batteries for electric vehicles, water resources are ubiquitous in manufacturing as they are continually “taken-used-disposed”.

Exergy is here to help our customers shift this “Linear mindset to one of Circular production”. By minimizing this global impact, manufacturers can shift millions of dollars to their bottom lines.


Our products and strategies are designed to help you implement circular manufacturing in practice

Allow us to work with you to achieve the goals of “net-zero” resource footprint. Please check out our engineering subsidiary, under Exergy Design and Engineering, to assist you in plant design, process selection, circular factory development, and other related services.


We purify and recycle materials and resources such as water at the point of use. This is a lasting sustainable response to a never-ending problem. We recycle valuable process water back into the production process, in the same or better quality, substantially reducing operating costs minimizing the need for water treatment and disposal costs.


Over 90% of chemicals and resources consumed to make high technology products are wasted. We are committed to change the way materials and resources are utilized in production. Exergy believes that materials and resources should be kept clean at the point of use thus allowing utilization to be unlimited.


We use advanced membrane and electro-membrane technologies to purify water and chemicals for reuse. Our EthorCEL® produces high quality recycled DI water for reuse in high technology application.  EthorCEL® is a plug-and-play product that works with various process application, receiving other 90% of high purity water for reuse.

Point-Of-Use Recycling

Exergy installs its recycling technologies in a given application/process where the recycling and reuse are to take place at the source.

Plant-Wide Recycling

Exergy integrates its products both in a point of use and central pollution strategy for its customers. This method allows them to combine recycling solutions along with process applications.

Custom Designed Plant-Wide Closed Loop

Exergy develops a customer-centric solution to meet the customer-specified settings or factory requirements. This solution may involve a combination of previous strategies, involving point-of-use or plant-wide solutions.

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