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Exergy EthorCEL® and PURAQ™ products are based on Exergy patented Advanced electrodeionization (AEDI ) technology. AEDI is a plate and frame membrane assembly, which is commonly referred to as Stack. When the stack is charged with low voltage electricity, it continuously removes ionizable components of water, to very low levels, allowing the systems to produce deionized water from process water, for reuse – in the case of EthorCEL® ; or produce deionized fresh water using the PURAQ™ Platform.

Exergy AEDI continuous processing, replaces today’s Ion exchange (IX) resins in bottles with one step processing. It allows for on-demand production of deionized water (both fresh and recycled) in processing applications, without the demands for regeneration or processing AEDI does not require regeneration using chemicals or needs to be shipped offsite for regeneration.

Exergy innovative technologies use a variety of membrane and electrochemical principals to solve broad manufacturing problems in various industries:



Disk Drives

Electronic Circuit
Laser Cut Steel
Image by Markus Spiske
Rocket Launch
Hard Drive Backup



Case Studies

Exergy's case studies highlight our expertise in implementing innovative solutions across diverse industries, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. These studies demonstrate how our advanced technologies effectively address complex challenges, delivering tangible benefits such as cost savings and environmental impact reduction. Through practical insights and real-world applications, Exergy's case studies illustrate the transformative potential of our solutions in driving positive change for our clients.

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