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Advanced Reverse Osmosis (ARO) Technology

Exergy's Advanced Reverse Osmosis (ARO) sets a new standard in performance, surpassing conventional Reverse Osmosis methods. Operating at an impressive 1,000 psi, ARO excels in generating higher concentrations in concentrates and delivering permeates of superior quality.


One of ARO's key features is its innovative use of a recycle pump for membrane housing. This design choice not only reduces the size of the pressure pump but also significantly decreases energy consumption. ARO represents a leap forward in efficiency, aligning with sustainable practices.


ARO doesn't just promise efficiency; it delivers with a proven membrane and a patented treatment process. This technology allows ARO to operate seamlessly across a broad pH spectrum, ranging from 0.5 to 13. The result is a robust system that ensures reliability and effectiveness in various operating conditions.


  • Produces high-quality permeates and concentrates for recycling process fluids

  • 0.5 – 13 pH range of operation

  • Recycling pump reduces energy use

  • Operator Interface Unit (OIU) allows auto (PLC) or manual control and provides status information

  • Pre-assembled modular systems

  • High-quality, heavy-duty components


  • Exergy’s ARO technology can reduce operating costs significantly by enhancing recovery and reuse of valuable waste by-products. Applications include:

  • Produce high-quality rinse water and recyclable concentrates from wastewater

  • Closed-loop operation of chrome conversion coating processes

  • Recovery of plating solutions and rinse water (copper, nickel, and noble metals)

  • Industrials process wastewater recovery

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Exergy-ARO Brochure

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