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Not Enough Water is the New Normal

Own Your Response by Reusing Water

Ah, the once and future drought.

Another Summer with too little water, too much heat, too many fires.

This year seems particularly drastic:

  • Wildfire season projected to be the worst on record.

  • Iconic Western Lakes - Lake Mead, which services CA, Nevada and Arizona, and Lake Powell, a key reservoir - at historically low levels.

  • Salmon are cooking in the Sacramento Delta.

In response, actions are happening at public utility, State and Federal levels:

  • Water use restrictions in CA are already being put in place.

  • The NEED Water Act has been introduced to address California's Central Valley water crisis.

  • Congressional Legislation is being written to fund water projects.

Déjà vu! Exergy wrote about intense drought, heat and wildfires before – all the way back to 2014! This is not the last time we will hear about it, either. This saga will continue, and the question is how will you plan to address this crisis?

Let’s face it—we’re all going to have to pay attention to our water use and waste, sooner or later. Restrictions are inevitably going to extend to many industrial sectors, just as it has impacted households and agricultural users – especially as the gap widens between water needs and availability.

There are plenty of reasons to start thinking about how you will run manufacturing with minimal impact to your operations. Our suggestion: Get your facility drought-proof on your own terms. Exergy offers complimentary water reuse evaluations for customers in California and can help you evaluate onsite use reduction, and water recovery and reuse onsite, if suitable.

Contact us to help you plan to implement the most effective water use reduction, and possibilities to address water reuse and recovery for your operations.


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