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Advanced Filtration for Advanced New Chip Manufacturing

Advanced Filtration Systems for Advanced New Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing

The need for high purity water has driven many semiconductor sites to install extensive and unnecessarily expensive water purifications plants in the past decades. However, semiconductor manufacturing sites face more and more stringent purity requirements while at the same time faced with global water stresses due to climate change.

Many sites are experiencing reduced or low water supply and availability due to many local and national restrictions stemmed from climate change and population growth. As chip designs also evolve, new expensive chemistries and complex geometries are introduced, requiring advanced processing capabilities.

The increasing demand for more advanced filtration solutions to support this new paradigm necessitates cutting edge approaches that truly meet the purity requirements of these sites, as well as the demand for more point of use quality control and purity. While high purity has always been critical to the semiconductor segment, new applications underscore the importance of the water purity, materials purity and hardware that may impact such processing.

Cutting Edge Filtration Solutions

Exergy has developed a unique hardware platform to allow a multi-faceted solution to this concern. Exergy’s EthorCEL® system allows for recovery and reuse of the highly valuable Ultrapure Water (UPW) in point of use and distributed applications while at the same time allowing chip makers to substantially reduce water footprint in process applications by as much as 90%. The system is a plug-and-play solution allowing customer to re-deionize the process rinse water, capturing the valuable chemistries that can potentially be recycled; onsite or offsite.

The material of construction including all the elements employed in the various processing steps of an EthorCEL® platform allows for controlled processing environments that will lead to high levels of process and contamination controls. Many of the bad actor pollutants such as polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) can be isolated and removed from major fab discharges to eliminate contaminating the entire wastewater stream leaving the plant. EthorCEL® has proven to meet the strict UPW specification set by the customers, allowing this water to be directly or indirectly reused in process.

The opportunity to reduce water consumption and achieve continuous high quality water purification is made possible by the innovation offered with an EthorCEL® platform. Continuous removal of dissolved gasses, particulates, TOC and bacterial elements from a purifications system is the key to this unique platform and its capabilities. High purity components selected in the design of the system assures contaminant-free environments that is a requirement of semiconductor processing. Exergy offers pilot and bench scale qualification capabilities to help customer evaluate various applications for the suitability of the technology and possibilities for recycling and reuse of water and chemicals.

Explore the Future with EthorCEL®

To meet stringent purity standards and enhance production efficiency amid ongoing challenges such as water scarcity, semiconductor manufacturers must collaborate with trusted suppliers like Exergy. Such partnerships are vital as Exergy not only comprehends the critical requirements of semiconductor production but also possesses cutting-edge technology, extensive process expertise, and advanced technical capabilities. These attributes enable Exergy to provide sustainable solutions that not only alleviate the demand on fresh water supplies but also elevate process quality, mitigating the risks of rejects. In essence, a partnership with Exergy ensures a long-term implementation of solutions that addresses the unique needs of semiconductor manufacturers in a changing and demanding landscape.

The landscape of semiconductor manufacturing is evolving, necessitating innovative solutions that not only meet heightened purity requirements, but also address the growing challenges of water scarcity and climate change. Exergy's EthorCEL® system stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering a comprehensive solution that redefines water management in chip manufacturing water use, demands for fresh supply, and needs for extensive centralized purification and waste management, emphasizing sustainability and efficiencies never before offered in the industry. By allowing a new class of technologies to be implemented – our system delivers recovery and purity levels that have not been feasible in previous years. Exergy invites you to explore the possibilities of transforming your semiconductor manufacturing processes with our cutting-edge solutions. Feel free to connect with us for a consultation, and let's work together to achieve sustainable, high-quality, and efficient semiconductor manufacturing.



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